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Barça president Rosell: "Piqué should have had a penalty"

Speaking to the television channel 'Canal+' in the wake of Barcelona's 3-1 reverse to Real Madrid, Sandro Rosell was critical of the penalties not given to his side, and urged his squad to bounce back.

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Rosell: "El penalti de Piqué fue clarísimo, pero hubo otros"
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| 27/02/2013

Following defeat to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey semi-final, Barcelona president Sandro Rosell spoke to the television channel 'Canal+'. Discussing the 3-1 reverse to José Mourinho's men, Rosell was critical of the penalties not given to his side. The Camp Nou president also spoke of the effect of coach Tito Vilanova's absence, and urged his squad to bounce back in La Liga - and seal a Champions League quarter-final place at the expense of AC Milan.

Reaction to defeat: "We have suffered a defeat that we weren't expecting. We have to congratulate Madrid and move on quickly, because we have Saturday's game and plenty of other engagements to think about that are more important than the Copa del Rey, like the Champions League and La Liga."

Madrid's style of play: "The team that wins deserves to go through. They played like everyone always does against us, keeping it tight at the back. But their counter-attack is deadly. We'll continue playing our way because it's our style and it's what we favour here and teach our players to do. We don't play on the counter, Real Madrid do."

Referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco: "I wasn't surprised about what [stand-in coach] Jordi Roura said [about Barcelona's lower win percentage in matches refereed by Undiano], because he knows what the statistics are with this referee. But I don't talk about referees. The incident with Piqué was a clear penalty, and there were others that weren't given. But that's the way it is. Let's let the pundits analyse these things in the television studios, otherwise there'll be nothing for them to talk about."

Barça's rough patch: "I don't think it's a slump. We've been playing at an unbelievably high level for five years and we've been winning, but memories are short in football. Now we have to concentrate on the league and look to progress in the Champions League. We don't like losing against anyone and we like losing to Madrid even less, because they're our main rivals. But we have to pick ourselves up and go for La Liga and the Champions League."

Upcoming Champions League last-16 second leg against Milan: "I don't think this defeat will affect us against Milan. We have great players, the best players. They win more trophies than anyone and they play better football than anyone. We all have bad games; I don't think this will have an effect. The players are very professional and are used to winning. We're not going to start talking about a slump - two games haven't gone the way we wanted, that's all."

Vilanova's absence: "Without wishing to take away from the work that the rest of the coaching staff are doing, we definitely miss him. He's our coach and our leader. That's why going to see him this week is important [Rosell flew to New York on Wednesday morning to visit Vilanova]: to see how he is and to wish him a speedy recovery, because that's the priority. The result doesn't change anything; Tito's health is more important than any victory or trophy won."

The rest of the season: "If we only win the league that'll be a good season. It's our bread and butter and the tournament everyone wants to win. It's the trophy that says which team is the best."

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    Barça president Rosell: "Piqué should have had a penalty" - COPA DEL REY BARCELONA 1-3 REAL MADRID - 2day diet

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