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Copa Final should not be played at Camp Nou, says Schuster

"For me, it should not be played at Barcelona's stadium. Both sets of fans are here in Madrid and we have two enormous stadiums. It would be a lot nicer to play it here in Madrid", he said.

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"Si el Madrid quiere ganar, debe jugar como en el Camp Nou"
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AS.COM | 28/02/2013

As a player, Bernd Schuster spent time at Real Madrid, Atlético and Barcelona. On Thursday, after taking part in a padel tennis tournament between ex-Madrid and Barça players, the German coach gave his opinion on where he feels this year's Final of the Copa del Rey should be staged and feels that one of the capital's stadiums would be a more adequate venue than the neutral Camp Nou.

"For me, the Final should not be played at Barcelona's stadium. Both sets of fans are here in Madrid and we have two enormous stadiums. It would be a lot nicer to play it here in Madrid. That's my opinion on the issue and that's what I would like to see happen", Schuster said on Thursday.

"And besides, I have heard that work will going on at Camp Nou in May", he added sarcastically with the reference to last year's Final between Barça and Athletic Club which was held at the Vicente Calderón after Real Madrid claimed that renovation work impeded them from loaning the Bernabéu.

Schuster also gave his thoughts on Tuesday's semi-final between Barcelona and Real Madrid, as he continued, "Real Madrid's superiority was reflected in the result and how they handled the game. It was the best performance I have seen Real Madrid put in at Camp Nou. I have never seen Madrid defend as well as they did on Tuesday - and not just in a line of four across the midfield or with Khedira and Xabi Alonso but Higuaín, Di María and Özil did their share of defending too.

"Real Madrid defended like AC Milan did against Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. They sprung a number of attacks on the break, they were daring in attack but above all, their defending was solid. To see Barça hardly create any chances at all deserves merit", Schuster added.

"I don't think the post-match criticism aimed at Jordi Roura was very fair. He's only doing his job. They had already suffered a huge blow to their morale after the defeat to Milan in the Champions League. They looked a little lost that night but it's just one game and there's no need to make a drama out of it", the coach added.

"I don't think Barcelona have taken their foot off the gas, nor do I want to place any importance on Tito's absence as he is still under contract with them. Barça is a highly experienced side and the only thing that has happened is that they have lost two matches to teams like AC Milan and Real Madrid, both of whom were the better team in their respective matches, that's all".

And as for Madrid's next test, against Manchester United in the Champions League on Tuesday, Schuster claims that Mourinho's men, "have to put in a game like they did at Camp Nou if they are to make the quarter-finals. Manchester United don't play with the same risks as Barça tend to and Old Trafford is an imposing stadium which can be intimidating. The rhythm at which English teams play will also be a factor. Basically, it will be different -one game doesn't really have anything in common with another", he ended.

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