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Cristiano Ronaldo: "I cannot just live for individual awards"

"Obviously I would like to win the Ballon d'Or, I will not be a hypocrite or a liar, it is something that I aspire to, but I cannot think that it is the end of the world if I don't win it."

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "No puedo vivir sólo pendiente de un premio individual"
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EFE | 19/12/2012

Cristiano Ronaldo has played down the importance of winning the Ballon d'Or for 2012, but has admitted he would like to win it and declared it is still his objective to do so.

"I cannot live just for individual awards, it would not be right, the career of a player is not defined by individual trophies, but by the trophies won by his team," said the Real Madrid forward in an interview with the Portuguese Football Federation's official website.

In the first part of a two-part interview, Ronaldo recapped his achievements with the Portuguese side. The forward has made 100 appearances for Portugal and is the third-most capped player in the history of his national team, only behind Luis Figo and Fernando Couto.

The Portuguese has been nominated for the Ballon d'Or alongside Barcelona players Leo Messi and Andrés Iniesta, but says he will accept the decision when it is made on 8 January and move on, whether he wins it or not.

"When I find out the decision I may be very happy, I may be sad...but it remains a fact of life, if you win, perfect, if not then you have to be patient, but life goes on.

"Obviously I would like to win it, I will not be a hypocrite or a liar, it is something that I aspire to, but I cannot think that it is the end of the world if I don't win it. Unfair or fair, it'll be whatever it is."

Cristiano, who was born on the Portuguese island of Madeira and who came through the ranks of Sporting Club de Portugal's youth academy, spoke of his regret at not yet winning a trophy with his country. With Ronaldo in their side, Portugal reached the final of Euro 2004, the semi-finals of World Cup 2006 and Euro 2012, and the quarter-finals of Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010, but have been unable to get their hands on any silverware.

"We have lacked a bit of luck," said Ronaldo. "We've been close to winning something important on two or three occasions, and on the last occasion (Euro 2012), we were beaten on penalties by Spain."

Ronaldo is confident that Portugal will still qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, despite the fact that the team are third place in their qualifying group, five points below leaders Russia.

"We know the margin for error keeps on getting smaller, we cannot afford to lose more points, but I think that the team will get through this unfortunate phase. In the past we have overcome great difficulties in qualifying games."

And Ronaldo spoke of the difference between playing for club and country.

"It's one thing to play for your club and another to play for your country, they are completely different feelings. It's true that the passion for winning and competing is similar, but it is more sentimental when you play for your country."

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