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Dani Alves: "Racism in football is a lost battle in Spain"

"I didn't think about leaving the pitch, but it's harassment. It doesn't only happen at the Bernabéu, but at all stadiums" says Alves, who also complains about Madrid's physical game.

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Alves: "La del racismo es una guerra perdida en España"
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Moisés Llorens | 31/01/2013

Good result: "We came out of it annoyed about things that happened. We didn't make the most of our chances, but we know that the tie will be resolved at home. We'd have been better if we'd scored more goals. We have a marvellous opportunity to secure our passage at home."

Racist insults: "I didn't think about leaving the pitch, but it's harassment. It doesn't only happen at the Bernabéu, but at all the stadiums we go to. People are fighting to see this doesn't happen but it keeps happening. It's a shame. You can be playing well or not, but the people that go to the game should support their team. Racism in football is a battle that's lost, until drastic measures are taken. I've been in Spain for 10 years and it's still happening. This isn't one of the places I feel most like a victim. There are worse; in happens in general all over Spain. I experienced it with Sevilla. Until measures are taken, nothing will be fixed."

Measures: "Sanction the club and the team. But not with fines of 1000 or 2000 euros. You have to go a bit further. They should set an example and look at England. There the measures are strict, but it's hard to find things to improve on. Manners don't exist at football stadiums."

On the physicality of Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso: "I shouldn't judge that. What you saw with them is nothing new. It's been happening for a while, although what happens on the pitch stays there, whatever their attitude is. If there are problems we'll try to fix them."

Real Madrid's tough game: "Clásicos are always quieter when they're winning. Since I've been here Madrid have been going at them full throttle. They should control it and if they can't do that, they're not ready to face these types of matches. I'm used to dealing with all of this, but when I'm the one in the spotlight I get harsh treatment, and the attitude is annoying."

Open result: "We had a lot of chances and if we'd been a bit surer in front of goal we'd have a more comfortable result. Everything remains for the return leg."

Xabi Alonso: "We already know how he operates and how all this plays out. There's nothing to be done. People talk and reject things, but I still don't understand how Cristiano didn't get a yellow card (30th minute). If it had been me it would have been a red card. But if he missed the second game, then there's no Clásico and that's not interesting to lots of people, as there'd be no battle with Messi. I'm saying what I think, as I don't owe anything to anybody."

Opponents with hunger: "Barça are the club and the team to beat. If teams avoid losing against us they're happy. What I'm concerned about is going through to the final."

On better form: "All the injuries I missed out on in my career I suffered at the start of the season. I never lost the confidence in my game. I don't pay much attention to people's assessments of me. I love what I do and that's enough. I'm very happy with myself. Since we started I've been looking to be at the level of this team. I'm giving everything to the group and regrettably injuries have stopped me doing that. "

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    Dani Alves: "Racism in football is a lost battle in Spain" - COPA DEL REY | BARCELONA - reduce weight

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    Praise is not pudding.

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