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Di María: "We've had players sent off for stupid reasons"

"Osasuna wanted to get Kaká sent off. I didn't see him elbow anyone (for the first booking), and he was very unlucky with the second yellow card."

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Di María: "Cristiano ha hecho méritos para que le renueven"
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Manu Sainz | 14/01/2013

Ángel di María has lamented the refereeing decisions that have gone against Real Madrid in recent weeks, and has insinuated that the decisions are not merely mistakes.

"You all know that referees have made confusing decisions towards Madrid," said the Argentine in a press conference before Madrid's Copa del Rey quarter final first leg against Valencia, the first of three consecutive games against Ernesto Valverde's side.

"Our players get sent off for the stupidest of reasons. And I don't think these decisions are being made by mistake."

Playing Valencia three times in a week: "Every game is different. We need a good result in the Copa del Rey at home. The league game will be completely different."

Di María's dip in form: "I feel in good shape, I'm working so I can be at 100%. I'm not playing much, but that's the coach's choice. I just have to be ready whenever the team need me. It's always harder when you're not playing, and coming on for 20 minutes here and there is not the same as starting games. It's much harder when you aren't playing regularly."

Mourinho: "I didn't speak to him when I was playing and it's the same now. Every coach is free to pick who he wants."

Kaká's sending off: "Referees have been making bad decisions against us recently. It happens all the time. In the case of Kaká, I don't think he elbowed anyone, which was what he was given the first yellow card for, he was jumping up in the air with his back turned. As for the second yellow, it was really bad luck. The opposition wanted to get him sent off. You all know that referees have made confusing decisions towards Madrid. Our players get sent off for the stupidest of reasons. And I don't think these decisions are being made by mistake."

Valencia: "They will come here looking for a win, they won't wait until the second leg. They have the players to go head-to-head with us. We know that winning the league will be very difficult now and the Copa del Rey and the Champions League are our objectives. We are very motivated for this game, we have to play as well as we did against Celta."

Can the team turn things around: "I think we can. It's a very difficult tie and a bad result could see us knocked out. Valencia are a difficult team to beat and we aren't playing well in the league, but we gave everything against Celta and we won even with one-man less."

Will Cristiano renew his contract? "It's a personal decision, each player knows what he has to do. He's a vital player for Madrid, and the team needs him. He has done enough to deserve a new contract."

The team missing Cristiano in Pamplona: "It was a very difficult game, in a small stadium and against a team that ran their hearts out. Cristiano is an important player who can decide any game, but we have other players who are playing very well too."

The league "We aren't throwing it away, we know we should not be so far from top spot. We will keep trying to get more points."

The support of the Bernabéu: "The crowd's role tomorrow will be crucial. We need a good result so we can go to Valencia feeling relaxed. They are on good form at the moment."

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