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"Falcao has a contract with Atleti and there's no more to say"

The Atlético Madrid president emphatically denied the rumours of a possible deal between Radamel Falcao and Real Madrid.

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Cerezo: "Falcao tiene algún tipo de acuerdo con el Real Madrid"
ampliar imagen | 03/01/2013

The Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo angrily denied the rumours that had suggested there was a deal between Falcao and Real Madrid, and was emphatic on the topic: "It's totally false that Falcao is linked to Madrid. Falcao has a contract with Atlético Madrid and there's nothing more to say. It seems there is an attempt to de-stabilize Atlético."

Punto Pelota revealed last night the contents of an alleged conversation of Cerezo's, in which he said that the Colombian had some kind of deal with Real Madrid. According to the programme, the president chatted to one of the personalities invited to Atlético's home match against Celta, who asked him about Falcao's future. "Falcao has had something signed with Real Madrid for some time" was his supposed answer.

Cerezo quashed the story fiercely: "One thing is joking and another is talking about things that aren't true. I don't like the fact that you put words in my mouth that I haven't said. There's no need to talk about rumours or non-rumours, and the source of the rumour has to be identified so it can be put to bed."

Later, without being prompted, he returned to the matter: "Is it clear that Falcao is an Atlético player now? Well then, I think there's no reason to invent any more."

Simeone's contract renewal. "Simeone's renewal will be done when it has to be, whenever that is, but without any problems."

Winning the Liga. "The Liga title? I can ask the Reyes Magos (The Magic Kings, who bring Spaniards presents on January 6th) for what I like; another thing is them bringing it."

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