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Madrid need a run like Ramos' in 08/09: 52 from 54 points

With Barcelona 12 points ahead in 2008-09 their eternal rivals went on a run, winning 17 games and drawing one, narrowing the difference to four points by the time Barça visited the Bernabéu.

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Madrid need a near perfect second half to the season
ampliar imagen | 17/12/2012

Florentino asked Real Madrid not to give up, and the club already has an example of how to do that. In 2008-2009 Real were 12 points behind Barcelona after the 15th game of the league (in which they were beaten 2-0 at the Camp Nou), just before the end of the first half of season. Juande Ramos had just arrived at the Bernabéu and Real Madrid were looking for a way to stop Barcelona simply walking away with the league.

And they managed it. After that 2-0 defeat to Barcelona they went on a run of 17 victories and a draw, against Atlético Madrid, accumulating nothing less than 52 out of 54 possible points. The run meant they went into the return game against Barcelona only four points behind them, and when they went 1-0 up were theoretically just a single point behind. The wheels came off after that though, in quite spectacular fashion, as Barcelona turned on the style and ran out 2-6 winners. But the work of the team to even ensure the league was still alive at that point was highly worthy of praise, even if in the end Juande Ramos' efforts were overshadowed by the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool and that 2-6 thrashing at the hands of their eternal rivals. There were also four consecutive defeats at the death of the season, but Madrid by that point had dropped their guard.

Guardiola reminded his players of Juande's Madrid last year: "If they want the League, make them win it at the Camp Nou", he told his team in the dressing room. And although Madrid at one point had a 10 point lead, they managed to ensure Madrid had to go to Catalonia to make sure of it. As they did, in style: winning 1-2 in the Camp Nou.

Madrid are currently 13 points behind Barcelona, and need the same kind of near perfect run that they had under Juande Ramos. That, and hope that Barcelona at some point lose the plot, and a heap of points.

Here are the games from that Madrid run:

Matchday 15. Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid

Matchday 16 Real Madrid 1-0 Valencia

Matchday 17 Real Madrid 1-0 Villarreal

Matchday 18 Mallorca 0-3 Real Madrid

Matchday 19 Real Madrid 3-1 Osasuna

Matchday 20 Real Madrid 1-0 Deportivo

Matchday 21 Numancia 0-2 Real Madrid

Matchday 22 Real Madrid 1-0 Racing

Matchday 23 Sporting 0-4 Real Madrid

Matchday 24 Real Madrid 6-1 Betis

Matchday 25 Espanyol 0-2 Real Madrid

Matchday 26 Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético de Madrid

Matchday 27 Athletic 2-5 Real Madrid

Matchday 28 Real Madrid 3-0 Almería

Matchday 29 Málaga 0-1 Real Madrid

Matchday 30 Real Madrid 2-0 Valladolid

Matchday 31 Recreativo 0-1 Real Madrid

Matchday 32 Real Madrid 3-2 Getafe

Matchday 33 Real Madrid 1-3 Mallorca

Matchday 34 Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona

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