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Milan return would suit Kaká, says Mourinho

The coach, who turns 50 this weekend, gave an interview to RaiSport's 'Dribbling' programme which will be broadcast on at Saturday at 16:50 CET.

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Mourinho: "El Milan podría ser la mejor solución para Kaká"
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EFE | 25/01/2013

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho believes that a return to AC Milan would be a "good solution" for midfielder Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, Kaká, who joined the Spanish outfit from the Serie A giants in 2009.

During an interview which is due to be broadcast by Italian channel 'Rai' on Saturday, to commemorate the coach's 50th birthday, Mourinho disclosed that he sees himself linked to the football world for the next two decades at least and that during that time, anything could happen - even the chance that he might return to coach Inter Milan.

"We haven't seen the best Kaká at Real Madrid", Mourinho said. "He needs to feel happy and maybe returning to Milan would be the best solution but as of the moment, he is a Real Madrid player".

It is not known when the interview was recorded but it seems to predate the recent decision by Real Madrid and AC Milan to close negotiations to bring the Brazilian playmaker back to his former club. Milan CEO Adriano Galliani explained this week that the two clubs were unable to reach an agreement for the player due to the fiscal differences which exist between Spain and Italy - obstacles which make Kaká's return to Milan practically impossible even though Kaká himself has stated that he would accept an annual pay cut of four million euros (from 10 million euros to six million euros per year).

Mourinho added that he still keenly follows the Italian game, and that he has been impressed by Juventus who he feels are one of the candidates to win the Champions League. He also revealed that he could return to the Inter job one day in the future, saying, "I have got at least another 20 years in football and anything could happen during that time, returning to Inter? Why not?

"Juventus are a great side. I know that it might seem easier for them to say that this is the first time back in the Champions League after a year's absence and for that reason, they aren't amongst the favourites but from what I have heard others say - that the big favourites are Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona, I have said from the outset that Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Juventus could all win this year's Champions League".

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  • 1 Andre - 26-01-2013 - 08:39:16h

    Mourinho going out from Madrid will suit everybody!

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