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Mourinho: "Adán was shown a lack of respect by the media"

The Madrid coach insisted, however, that he did not mind getting booed before the game. "It's normal for me to get booed. I don't want to always be the hero, regardless of how well the team is doing."

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Mourinho: "Se le ha faltado el respeto, y mucho, a Adán"
ampliar imagen | 06/01/2013

After Real Madrid beat Real Sociedad 4-3 in a thrilling encounter at the Santiago Bernabéu, José Mourinho declared that the press had showed a lack of respect to goalkeeper Antonio Adán, who started the game ahead of Madrid captain Iker Casillas but who gave away a penalty and was sent off after six minutes for fouling Carlos Vela.

The Portuguese coach also said he was not bothered by the hostile reception he received from Madrid fans when it was announced Casillas had been dropped for the second game in a row.

Adán's error: "I haven't seen it again on the television but from my memory Varane left Adán in a complicated situation, he made a pass he didn't have to make and Adán should have cleared the ball in the danger zone rather than try to build an attack. He lost the ball and it was a penalty. It should have been a penalty but I thought we had one or two players between Adán and the goal-line. We have been penalised a lot this season due to wrong or dubious decisions. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that if it had been another team and in another stadium, it would have been a yellow card."

Mourinho's hostile reception from the Bernabéu crowd: "It was fine, I'm happy for them to boo me before the game and then support the team, like they have been doing, it's perfect. I think I was booed because I left Casillas out and because of our low position in the league. It's normal for me to get booed and I that's how I like it. I don't want to always be the hero, regardless of how well the team is doing. If they booed me for leaving out Iker then that's fine, and if they booed me because of my poor results, I accept that too."

The crowd's treatment of Adán: "I told Adán before this game and before the game against Málaga that if he got booed, it was because of me and not him. The fans have no problem with Adán and neither do the press, they have a problem with my decision and he is suffering the consequences. This is a problem in Spain but it's not a problem anywhere else. My personal belief is that there's been a lack of respect shown towards Adán. He's been at this club for 16 years and he grew up here, he is a boyhood Real Madrid fan, he is a homegrown player, and why shouldn't he have the right to be happy? You [the journalists] have turned a problem with Mourinho into showing a lack of respect towards Adán."

Cristiano: "He worked very hard, as did everyone else, and he had a great game, as did everyone else. He gave something extra today, like everyone else, and he deserved to be on the winning side, like everyone else. He celebrated the goal with his team-mates first and then he ran over to the dugout."

Carvalho: "He had a great game. I don't like to single players out, everyone played well, but Carvalho played especially well. He's in a strange situation this year. We've decided that this will be the last year in his contract, and we decided that Pepe and Ramos would be first choice, and then Albiol or Varane, but Carvalho's experience helped us today."

The team's response to going down to ten men: "I told all my players that all ten players had to participate in every aspect of the game, that we could not just have nine players helping out in defence. I told them we had to be compact and make the game exciting, and I told them when you are a man down the crowd normally gets behind you, and all our players managed to get the crowd behind them."

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    Mourinho: "Adán was shown a lack of respect by the media" - LIGA BBVA REAL MADRID 4-3 REAL SOCIEDAD - burning fat

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