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Mourinho was Ferguson's first choice for United

The Real Madrid coach rejected the move because his family want to live in London according to Portugal's 'Record'.

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Mourinho and Fergie
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CRISTO MARTÍN | 10/05/2013

David Moyes was Alex Ferguson's second choice to take over from him in the dugout at Manchester United at the end of the season. That's the version of events according to Portuguese paper 'Record', who have published today that the job was initially offered to José Mourinho.

According to the Portuguese daily, Real Madrid's current coach turned down the offer from the 'Red Devils' at the behest of his family. Record, like many, take it for granted that Mou will be at Chelsea next season, but more than just the mutual love between coach and club, a big factor in the move is the city itself, London.

The British capital is where Mou's family want to base themselves; their daughter is going to study there, as revealed by the press last November. Furthermore, over the past few months Mourinho's wife has been seen regularly in the capital. The family's preference is the more glamorous choice of London over Manchester, and that was enough to sway the decision from Manchester to Chelsea.

Rooney. Mou's new Drogba.

According to the British 'Daily Mail', who are also convinced that Mou will be heading to Chelsea, the big news in the transfer market could be that the Portuguese coach is keen to take Wayne Rooney to Stamford Bridge, and make him his new talisman.

The English press have stated that the player has already asked for a transfer, and Mourinho's desire to work with him is nothing new. In 2010 when he installed at Real Madrid he made very positive comments about the striker, just after Rooney had made his first transfer request to United.

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4 Comentarios

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  • 4 Jorge - 11-05-2013 - 13:46:57h

    Where was Real Madrid in champions league before Mourinho? Nowhere because players were above the team and no coach could subdue them to be obedient: Even The Special One is strugling to manage what Ferguson called "Circus".

  • 3 Jenny - 11-05-2013 - 02:25:32h

    What nonsense. The idea is ridiculous. And even if Ferguson wanted him (which I doubt, in spite of their friendship) the board would never have made an offer that Mourinho could have refused. We are to understand Mourinho got an offer and rejected it inside the 24 hours before they appointed Moyes - an appointment immediately leaked to the press? Contemptible.

  • 2 Juan - 10-05-2013 - 22:02:23h

    Ferguson said it many times. "Mourinho is like me when I was young". That says it all. Mourinho is not the bad guy. He is willing to do everything for the success of Real Madrid. PERIOD!!!

  • 1 John - 10-05-2013 - 19:19:04h

    This is not true. Jose Mourinho causes problems for clubs, he destroys their infrastructure. It was good to hire Moyes, who is an excellent manager.

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