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Nacho Monreal returns to Málaga to say goodbye to fans

"The people at the club and the supporters made me feel at home, and I want to tell them that there will be one more Málaga fan in London."

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Monreal: "La gente me ha tratado muy bien y arropado"
ampliar imagen | 03/02/2013

Ignacio 'Nacho' Monreal flew back to Málaga the day after making his debut for Arsenal against Stoke in order to give a press conference to say goodbye to the club and express his thanks to the fans.

"I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to everyone and give my thanks for a fabulous year and a half," said the full-back, who joined the North Londoners on the final day of the January transfer window.

"The fans have treated me very well and really warmed to me, I have felt a lot of love and I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to the fans for all the great moments they have given me. I'm very happy and at the same time I wish Málaga all the best, the club will always be in my heart. I will leave behind great friends and I will continue to follow the club from London.

"Everything happened so fast, on the 31st I found out I had the chance to join Arsenal, I accepted it and then the day after I arrived I was playing a match. I've come here to say thanks for a beautiful year and a half. The people at the club and the supporters made me feel at home, and I want to tell them that there will be one more Málaga fan in London.

"I'm also going to miss Málaga because my time there has been very important in my life and my development as a player. I will miss my time here because I have great memories."

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