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Rafa Benítez in his presentation: "I can win five titles"

The Spanish coach gave his first press conference in charge at Chelsea. He noted that Fernando Torres is motivated and affirmed that he has a team to win titles.

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Rafa Benítez en su presentación: "Puedo ganar cinco títulos"
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| 22/11/2012

Rafa Benítez was presented as Chelsea's new manager this evening. These were his first words in charge at the West London club.

His goals and the fans' misgivings: "In seven months you can win things; the people enjoying it, that's the main thing. I like to do things in the right way for the fans. I know it won't be easy at the start and I understand that there are some doubts but we'll see at the end. If I said certain things it was because it was the semi-finals of the Champions League against Chelsea. If you look at the context, I was fighting for my club. I had to defend my club like they defended theirs. The important thing is that the fans want Chelsea to win and their coach too, and if we win matches the fans will be happy. If the Chelsea fans think I said something wrong, I'd take that back. I can't control what the fans do. They're intelligent and they know that the best thing for the team is to give their support."

Torres: "I've seen a really good attitude from him; the best. I've spoken to him and I think he'll improve. He showed a really good attitude as did Óscar, Ramires and Azpilicueta in the first training. Fernando is a first-class player. If we can help him to improve, perfect. But I have a team to prepare. I know what I've got in the dressing-room and what the players have told me. We have a good team and a good squad, and they can win. It's a great opportunity; I've been waiting for it. I've seen the comments in the press. I had offers worth a lot of money in Europe but I wanted to be here. I can win five trophies. I'll try to do the best I can. If I'm here it's because I believe we can win. We can make things better through work. We'll see how much you can improve in the future. I'm here, I've got work to do and I've got targets: to win.

The Premier League, priority: "All the trophies are important. You never know what can happen. Some are bigger than others but if you want to win things the main thing is to take it match by match. I know how tough it is to win the Premier League because I was here but the other titles also matter. I also saw how big the Club World Cup is when I was there."

Guardiola: "I think he's a great coach and I don't know what the future holds for him. I do know that I was waiting for this opportunity for two years; I had the chance to coach other teams with long contracts and I didn't take those. It would have been easier for me but I think that we can fight for titles in these seven months."

Barcelona's style and his style: "I'm not exactly sure how we'll play. We have to look at the team's exact characteristics. There's not only one way of playing. Your style and way of doing things should depend on the players you have and their profile. They told me that they believe in me and know how I play."

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