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"Scheduling matches for 23:00 shows a lack of respect to fans"

"Spanish football deserves better treatment when it comes to this subject. Above all, the fans deserve better. Soon they'll be scheduling games at midnight."

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Joaquín Caparrós, durante un entrenamiento bajo la lluvia.
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EP | 04/08/2012

The Mallorca manager Joaquín Caparrós believes that the schedule for the first two weekends of the new La Liga season shows "a lack of respect to the fans" after discovering that his side's opening game of the season, against Espanyol, will kick off at 23:00.

"Who asked the fans their opinión about this?" said Capárros. "We have to put our foot down. The people who devise these kick-off times have their own agenda, and Spanish football deserves better treatment when it comes to this subject. Above all, the fans deserve better. Soon they'll be scheduling games at midnight."

He added: "We have to put a stop to these crazy kick-off times because we want everyone to be able to enjoy football. Fortunately children don't have to go to school at this time of year but we have to think about the impact of playing games at this time."

Mallorca play Premiership side Wigan Athletic tomorrow, which will see Iván Ramis face his old club just weeks after leaving the club.

However, Capárros was not looking forward to the reunion, and said he still feels frustrated that Ramis had to leave the club.

"I'm not going to enjoy seeing him in another shirt, we had planned for him to stay with us. But I'm sure he'll do well (at Wigan) and it'll open up a lot of doors for him. But it's a great loss for the team. Ramis wasn't just a great player and leader on the pitch, he was also a huge presence in the dressing room."

Capárros said he was looking to buy "two centre halves as soon as possible" to make up for Ramis's departure, and said that Nsue would play in the match after returning to the team for the first time since his mother died. Capárros said: "He's ok, but it's always a massive blow when you lose your mother. He's a strong character and he knows he's a rock to everyone around him. We need him as well. His hard work and consistency will help us a lot."

The Andalusian coach finished his press conference by saying that he was "relaxed" about the team's prospects for the coming season, despite a lack of major singings.

"Lorenzo Serra Ferrer (Mallorca's president) is working very hard. We know we're going to have a small squad but we'll be able to rely on players like Charlie, Uche, Pablo and Abdón (Mallorca B players) as well. We want a squad of 21 players and then these young lads from the B team will be able to have a chance," he said.

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