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International football | Spanish trainers around the world

The Spanish brand: 92 Spanish trainers around the world

Out of the total number, 20 work with national sides, 48 with clubs and 24 in football academies. Caneda: "The way Spanish football is at the moment, going to Saudi Arabia was a big opportunity."

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92 entrenadores españoles dirigen en todo el mundo
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Quique Rubio | 15/12/2012

Spanish football is the latest thing. A total of 92 trainers are currently working around the world, from Hong Kong, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia to Kazakhstan, Israel, Egypt, Malta the Congo... Some are working with national teams and others with clubs and football academies.

It's becoming increasingly more common for Spanish coaches to ply their trade elsewhere: some by reputation, others out of necessity or with a sense of curiosity and adventure. Currently there are 91 Spanish-born trainers working away from home - the latest being Víctor Muñoz, who recently signed for Sion in the Swiss league.

At the moment there are 20 in charge of national teams, for instance Camacho, in charge of China along with Carcelén, Gaspar and Gallego, and possibly the coach with the highest media profile. The Asian market is an exotic prospect - in Saudi Arabia you can find López Caro, as sporting director, and twelve other Spaniards working in lower divisions: Roca, Cuadrat, Vilches, Monchi, Díaz, Thyus, Ortiz, Rodríguez, Antolínez, Gil and Piernas, who explains: "Our aim is to introduce basic footballing concepts so there is short to long-term progress," Others, meanwhile, are more urgently looking for success: Koldo Álvarez, Xavier Azkargorta, Enrique Llena and Esteban Bécker are trainers of Andorra, Bolivia, Nicaragua and the Equatorial Guinea's women's team (recent champions of CAN 2012).

Nevertheless, the majority of Spanish trainers, some better known than others or with more experience, manage club sides. There are a total of 48 spread around the world, from Honk Kong, Puerto Rico, New Zealand to Egypt, the Congo and Kazakhstan. They range from ex-players, physical trainers, sporting directors, medical staff... Clubs are currently backing Spanish football after the recent successes of the Spain national side (Two Euros and one World Cup) have opened up the market. That and the current crisis in Spanish football. Some cases include: Josep Gombau, originally from the Barcelona youth system, who went to Honk Kong to successfully train Kitchee, or Raúl Caneda who took Al Ittihad to the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League. The coach from Galicia explained the reasons for him leaving: "They were keen to hire me and I didn't think twice. The way things are in Spain at the moment it was a big opportunity."

Finally, there are many other trainers (24) operating under the radar. For instance, many people like Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Juan Carlos Pedraza, Roberto Olabe, Mikel Antía, Óscar Garro and Torres Mestre are spreading their knowledge in various football academies located in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ukraine, India and China.

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