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"This is the most important game we have left this year"

Tito Vilanova, the Barcelona coach talked before his side's clash with Glasgow Celtic, winners of the European Cup back in 1967.

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Vilanova behind the mics before the Celtic game.
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Moisés Llorens | 06/11/2012

Barcelona coach, Tito Vilanova, faced the questions of the world's journalists this afternoon in the press conference before his team's match tomorrow against Celtic in Glasgow, Scotland. For him it is a big game: "This is the most important match we have left this year. If we win we qualify, and depending on the other game we could be first. It's important because it would give us the chance to rest players, and to give players from the Reserve team a chance".

His other responses were as follows:

Qualifying: "The most important thing is to get through. There is a chance of being able to rotate the squad if we're mathematically qualified, but for that we need to win tomorrow. If we do, then we avoid any difficulties. We would always put a decent side in order to try and win the rest of the games, and so as not to prejudice anybody. We've got young players who are dying to play, but for that to happen we need to beat Celtic first".

Return of Piqué: "He has a chance of playing. We'll have to see how he is and how he feels. He's been out for a long time, and he hasn't done much, due to it being an injury to his heel. I'll talk to him. It's important to avoid any muscle problems that could arise because he's been out for a while. Players who are as tall as him find it more difficult to get their fitness back than the shorter ones do. That happens with Gerard, and all footballers. This week he's been great in training. In spite of being out he's maintained his weight. He'll take a few days to be back to his best. But not long".

Rivals jealous of Barça's play: "We've been playing well and we are doing alright, but we have to stay focused. It's not been easy starting like this. We need to keep going and fighting, independent of what others do".

Messi's goal scoring obsession: "Leo is bright enough. He's always wanted to score goals and I hope that never changes. He'll score, that's just a question of time".

Adriano's injury: "It's important we get players like Piqué back because of new injuries like this. We've converted a few players into defenders, but we're grateful if we can get some players back. We've got Piqué and we hope Puyol will be ready soon. Those two are more accustomed to playing there, although others have come in and done a good job, for which we are very grateful.

Alves in the starting line up? "Dani has been very important for us. If he has not been playing as much it is because he is injured. When he came back he'd missed a lot of training. He had to get his fitness back, and his level now is pretty high. He had a difficult year last year and he knows it. He's working so he can give the best of himself.

League or Champions? "The two of them are equally important. We want to play as well as we can to try and win them both".

Atmosphere at Celtic Park: "I don't know the stadium. I guess it will have a good atmosphere and that's good for the players because it motivates them. At home we only managed to overcome them in the last minute, so we need to be careful. Celtic will make it difficult".

Celtic's defensive style: "When teams play Barça it's not that they play deep, more that they group together in their own area. Sometimes that's not how they want to play, but that Barcelona force them into it. But every team can play as it chooses. Celtic are dangerous on the break. In the first leg we saw they are quick, and threatening from dead ball situations. I've already told the players. We know what we are facing though I don't know exactly how they'll play. At the Camp Nou they were very defensive, but that didn't turn out so bad for them. They made our lives difficult. We'll see tomorrow. It would be difficult no matter how they play, because of the atmosphere, their speed, and because of their threat dead ball situations."

Celtic's 125th anniversary: "I saw them in the European cup when I was a nipper. Now I've been studying them. We're very happy to play here, and I congratulate them on their 125th anniversary".

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