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Tito: "Winning titles with academy players is more of a success"

The Barça boss maintains that the cup tie against Alavés isn't over and there can yet be surprises. He also acknowledges that Barça have improved.

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Tito: "Tiene más mérito ganar con tantos canteranos"
ampliar imagen | 27/11/2012

Villa's condition: "David's fit. We'll see tomorrow, but there shouldn't be anything preventing him from playing.

Assessment of his 100 days as first-team coach: "That's for the press and the public to do. I'll do it at the end of the season."

Will Pinto play in the Copa? "I said it the other day, but with the team we're playing, if we take it for granted that we're going through it's a lack of respect. I don't like to speculate about the players that are going to be involved, but I've already said that Pinto's going to play the whole competition."

Is the team near where you want them to be? "We've been playing very well recently. We've had people sitting out because they needed the break. But the fact that we've played some matches well doesn't mean we're going to be on the same form in all of them. It's clear that there's been a big progression with the team."

Possible low turnout at the Camp Nou tomorrow: "There are surprises in this competition every year. It's not over at all. In Mallorca, they scored two goals against us in three minutes and it could happen tomorrow. I understand that if it was a Champions League match against Manchester United it'd be a full house, but there will also be fans that want to see the players. Alavés will be on a high and they don't have anything to lose. They'll relish playing against Barcelona at a great stadium."

Sidelining seven players: "We're going to give it the seriousness the competition deserves because we're the current champions. Out of respect for Alavés and the fans, we're going to play very seriously. Barcelona is always ready for any match and competition and always goes out to win."

Barça played with 11 home-grown players and Valencia with 11 foreigners in the Liga: "What other clubs do doesn't concern me. But still, I think it's more of a success to win titles and Champions Leagues with 7 or 8 academy players, like Barcelona have done in recent years. We play them because we trained them and because they're good. If we weren't winning it wouldn't be worth including them. If other teams don't play them it's because they believe they wouldn't have such a good chance to win."

Is playing with 11 academy-trained players like winning a title? "It's not like a title; it's not a target. We could have fielded 11 academy players earlier had we wanted to; it was a situation that happened because of an injury. I didn't even think about it. It's credit to the club, and all the coaches here."

Preferred result in the Madrid derby: "I prefer to focus on our Copa match, but if we win any result between those teams will be good. And if we lose, any result will be bad. We're concerned about our match."

Messi, in the hunt for Müller's goal record of 82 in a year: "He has the chance to get this record but he doesn't play thinking about the numbers. He looks out for the good of the team and he showed that the other day - on certain occasions he could have scored but he let others have the chances. If he was just thinking about that he would have asked me to let him play tomorrow."

If Madrid go 14 points behind, do you think they'll consider sacking Mou? "It doesn't depend on me. To be at 14 points, we would have to win and they would have to lose. My priority is tomorrow's match, not the league matches. And what happens at other clubs doesn't depend on me."

The pressure at clubs like Espanyol and Real Madrid: "You can never relax at Barcelona. It's a great club and there's always pressure. If the results are not what they should be people start to talk. I'm lucky enough to have grown up here and I'm ready for what I'm sure will happen during the year."

Deulofeu: "I speak to Eusebio about the players' development, and their behaviour on and off the field. We're following Deulofeu and many others. Deulofeu has points to improve on, but he's progressed a lot recently. He's spectacular but there's more to football than doing a couple of great moves in a match."

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