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"We'd love to pull off a historic comeback in the Camp Nou"

Xavi Hernández admitted it will be very difficult to overturn the 0-2 deficit from the first leg but stressed: "We have to be more united than ever."

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Xavi: "Nos encantaría hacer una remontada histórica"
ampliar imagen | 21/02/2013

Mentality after the match: "It was a long journey back for the players and coaching staff. The first goal was a calamity, we weren't paying attention. We made two errors in defence and because of that we have to try and overturn the result. We just couldn't get into the game, they were spectacular in defence, we didn't create danger. The result is very, very bad for us, but this club has never pulled off a historical comeback and we'd love to be the team that does it. We went out to Inter [in 2010] and we owe the fans something. We needed to compete better in the second half."

Would it be a failure if the team were knocked out? "No, I don't like that Word at all. It wouldn't be a failure, if you try you are never a failire. It would be disappointing yes, but failure is not the right word."

The return leg: "A 2-0 defeat is one of the worst results you can return home with, but we will give it a try. Yesterday we really struggled. We'll have to open up the pitch and create space and take shots from outside the area and be careful of the counter-attack."

Milan: "They played the perfect match. We weren't at the races and they worked very well. This is what European football is like. We're going to try and turn it around at home whilst knowing it'll be very difficult."

Worst game from Barcelona since 2008? "We had possession. They were camped out in their area for the first time and we had to take shots from outside the area. When you look back at the game you realise lots of things. We didn't dominate in the small details of the game. We were not strong in attack. We were fit, we had the ball, but we didn't attack well. We have to thank our fans that went to the San Siro yesterday. There are still 90 minutes to go and our stadium needs to be full so that everyone can get behind the team as we try to pull off a historic turnaround."

Do the players doubt themselves? "We have to realise what we did wrong. We also did some things well, but not many things. We have to correct our errors and not have doubts about ourselves, that would be the worst thing. We have to be more united than ever."

Did the team defend badly? "We pressured them well up top but they have a very direct style of play, they are like Madrid. They knew that we like to press teams up top and they had a direct style to counter that."

Changes to the team: "There's a while to go (until the game with Sevilla), it's up to the boss. We have to go all out from the start, conscience that we've got an unfavourable result, but knowing we are playing at home. It could be a different story in the Camp Nou."

Copa del Rey semi-final against Madrid on Tuesday: "It's a cup tie that motivates us anyway, even forgetting what happened yesterday. Before that we have a league game [against Sevilla], which is vital. We are all very excited about the prospect of getting to the final. It will be a tense match, but we will be even more motivated to get to the final."

Abidal being given the all clear from doctors to play again: "It is the best piece of news we've had all season."

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